Compactor Fullness Monitor

Trash Compactor Fullness Monitor

Trash Compactor Fullness Monitor

Customizable metering solutions that are set up, ready to plug in?

We can provide a complete package, ready for installation!

Custom Meter Solutions for Monitoring, Alarm, Reporting, or Data Logging

If you need a meter for any of the reasons above, there’s often more to it than just the panel meter. You will need a power supply, possibly a sensor of some type to provide input to the meter, cabling for the intended use, meter set up to your liking, and assurance the components will work together.

Ready to Deploy Custom Packages

Trash Compactor Fullness Monitor

This package measures and displays hydraulic pressure on a trash compactor. The type you see behind many grocery or big box stores. As the trash compactor fills, the pressure increases during compression. When it gets into the red zone, the compactor needs to be emptied. This prevents over packing and creating a maintenance problem.

This can be set up with email home to alert the company, or set up an alarm circuit to turn on a light, possibly a cut-out circuit to prevent the compactor from cycling once full.

This compactor fullness monitor solution comes pre-wired, programed, ready for installation, with your logo. Fasten the unit to a wall, run the sensor to the hydraulic power unit, and plug the unit in. Will be set up for the pressure of your system.

Custom display Solution Service

Once a customer describes their desired requirements, we can get to work and determine the best solution, which is more than just the meter. The type of sensor to use, matching it to the meter, determine the type of cable to use based on the parameters, the environment the unit will be installed in are all considerations in choosing the components for the solution. Then the desired graphics and other factors, such as, size of the meter, what functionality to deploy, customize the screen, and finally create documentation.

If you have a monitoring, data logging, or alarm idea you want to discuss, give us a call.

Choices of meter screens

There is a wonderful selection of meter faces to choose from, as well as what the meter can be programmed to display. That is, when paired with the correct sensor or transducer

  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Pressure
  • Voltage
  • RPM
  • Counts
  • Vacuum
  • current
  • Wattage
  • Etc

Sensors and Transducers

We can assist by recommending a bundle of components to meet your requirements, saving you time.

There are many types of sensors and transducers for measuring nearly whatever you can imagine. Pair the right sensor or transducer with a customizable meter and you get a solution that meets your needs.

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