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At T & T Weber Hydraulic Inc, our repair service has been repairing and rebuilding hydraulic components in the greater Worcester/Leominster area for 30 years.

Our fully equipped shop has all the equipment, inventory and experience to successfully repair or rebuild your hydraulic equipment. Turn to us for repair services on:

  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Hydraulic motors
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Pneumatic cylinders

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Our quoting process has two stages:

The first stage is based on viewing the item for repair and providing an range of expected labor hours. Since the seal kit and other materials are internal, we can only provide a range that we expect the materials to cost. If the price range is acceptable to the customer, we move to disassembly and inspection.

The second stage is based on the findings of the inspection during disassembly, of which there are three possible outcomes.

  1. The item will be repaired at the quoted price range.
  2. When unexpected damage or wear is found during inspection the work stops. The customer is contacted with the new information and price. Once approved the work will be completed as discussed under the revised quote. If not approved the customer can pick up the item there will be no charge.
  3. On occasions when damage or wear is minor and the customer may opt to continue without fixing. Example of minor would be scratches on the rod which effect seal life. T&T Weber will not continue work if the repair poses a safety risk or deemed unprofessional.

Just drop off your component at our Clinton, MA shop to receive your FREE quote and learn more about or repair service.

Repair, Replace, or Hybrid

We strive to provide the best solution and sometimes the best solution is to replace. First, repacking a mechanically good cylinder is a great value. However, a more complex repair generally tips the scale in favor of new. Other times, new components are expensive and even a complex repair can be a fraction of the new. So we keep that in mind during our inspection and consider new when we suspect that is a better alternative. Repair is usually always a viable alternative.

Other things to consider are lead time of a new component and whether the component is still available for purchase. In those cases we sometimes modify a new component to match the old. We have been very successful with this strategy.

We are here to help and we have the experience and knowledge to present the alternatives.


Our repair service comes with a 6 month warranty for parts and workmanship. For cylinders that we deem are in good mechanical condition (like new) we offer customers an extended warranty of 1 year. Good mechanical condition means the barrel and rod can be brought back to like-new condition after the surface finish is restored to specification during rebuilding. (Surface finish being too rough with nicks and dents can not be restored. Too smooth from use will cause seals to wear prematurely but can be restored.)

However, the customer waives the warranty by declining suggested repairs that effect the life of the repair.

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