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Always Important to Know Your Options – T & T Weber Can Provide Estimates for Fixing Versus Buying New

T & T Weber Hydraulic can often provide you an estimate for repairing and/or a new pump or motor. Depending on the severity of the wear on the pump or motor, replacement may be the best option financially and for a longer life of the repair. Lead time is another factor since parts might be on the shelf and replacement could be weeks away or vise versa.

To get started:  The make and model of the motor,  pump, or valve must be available. Without this information it is difficult for us to find parts or a replacement.

Locating the Make and Model:

  • Often there is a name tag on the item that will provide the      information needed. Simply take a picture and text it to 508-246-2958. We will see what information we can find based on the name-plate data and contact you.
  • Often we can find information on the piece of equipment which also has a name tag with maker, model, and serial number. We need all three pieces of information. Again, text it to us and we will contact you.
  • A third option is the manual that came with the machine. These can be very useful in providing details needed to identify parts or replacement models. Bring the manual with you when you visit us and we will see if it contains the information needed to proceed with finding parts or a replacement

Without enough information on the part in question, moving forward is most often not possible.

Some OEM Obstacles to be aware of:

  • Older equipment and parts are often obsolete and no longer supported by the OEM that made the equipment.
  • OEMs often will only sell a new unit and not replacement parts.
  • OEMs very often have a proprietary agreements with the part manufacturer. Which prevents the part manufacturer from selling parts or a new unit.
  • Potential Alternatives
  • After-Market replacements are sometimes available from good quality vendors.
  • There are times when parts from a pump or motor “series” could be generic. Examples might be a seal kit or bearing might be identifiable and available through other sources (never a sure thing, but possible.) 

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