Hydraulic Accessories

We have a wide assortment of hydraulic Accessories

Hydraulic accessories are often needed for replacement parts but if you are building or refurbishing equipment they are critical to finishing a hydraulic system. Gauges, valves, and a host of mechanical items to hold down, vent, grease, cover, and protect.

Panel mount gauges are shown, bottom mount for direct mounting are also available. If you need more than just pressure reading, we offer electronic gauges with alarms. Programmable gauges available with select-able displays, dual alarms, and a hose of other functionality. A must have hydraulic accessory.

Hose guard is am important hydraulic accessory. Protect your hoses from chaffing and rubbing, during operating. The various types of sleeves and spring guard also prevent hoses from kinking, This is highly recommended for thermoplastic hose.

High and low pressure manual valves allow you to control fluid, as well as to stop flow. Low-pressure ball-valves are great for reservoir suction lines. Maintenance can be performed without loosing oil. Two and Three way valves control flow to components on the high-pressure side offering control. A hydraulic accessory you cannot be without.

Live swivels allow hoses to rotate while maintaining fluid connection without oil loss. The primary use is for attachments that require rotation to avoid kinking the hose.

Live swivels

Breathers are an important hydraulic accessory because they allow tanks and single stage cylinders to vent air while keeping the oil cavities clean by keeping dirt out.

Securing hydraulic hoses can protect them from damage by holding them in place, but also keeps them from chaffing.

Iron Pipe and fittings are a great less expensive substitute for high-pressure fittings A good example is when running suction lines to a pump. These cannot be used for high pressure as they can rupture under pressure.

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