Eagle Pro Tools

Hydraulic Powered Tools by Eagle Pro

When Only Hydraulic Power Will Get The Job Done!

  • T&T Weber Hydraulic Inc is now distributing high pressure Eagle Pro Hydraulic Tools™.
  • High-quality, durable hydraulic tools for heavy equipment repair and maintenance.
  • Solutions for lifting, pulling, compressing, turning, spreading, and punching.
  • Build a full solution for your needs:
  • Select the pump, hoses, distribution manifolds, gauges, and cylinders/jacks that will deliver the outcome for your particular situation. 

Eagle Pro Tools offers manual, pneumatic, electric or gas powered pumps to drive your tools.

Single or dual acting high pressure hollow cylinders. When used with a rod the assembly can push or pull to for pressing or extracting or creating tension for tightening. Available in various sizes according to the desired tonnage.

Eagle Pro Tools offer a selection of low profile cylinders, also know as pancake cylinders, for lifting in tight spaces.

High Tonnage cylinders for lifting heavy loads. Often a number of cylinders are used together to lift large heavy loads.

Eagle Pro Tools offer a powerful set of tools that allow pulling to provide tension, spreaders to separate, and torque to turn and tighten.

Choose Bottle or Toe jacks from 2 to 50 tons.

10K PSI Accessories, hoses, valves, gauge, disconnects, etc.

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