Frequently Asked Questions

Technician repairing a hydraulic pump

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you repair cylinders?

Yes, we do all types of repairs, including repack, new rods, new barrels, eye repair or replacement, gland and piston repair or replacement. No mater how damaged we have the resources and knowledge to rebuild your cylinder. to learn more, go to our repair services page.

Do you repair pumps and motors and Valves?

Yes, we repair hydraulic all types of motors and pumps, such as, Gear, Vane, Gerotter, and Hydro-static. It is important that your pump or motor has an identification name plate with the model and serial number we can identify parts. To learn more do to our pump and motors page.

Valves can be repaired, but depends on the severity of the damage or wear. Again, identifying the manufacturer of the valve and model are crucial to finding parts.

Is repairing a part the best approach?

Before deciding to repair it is best to understand the availability and price of a new part. Sometimes it cheaper or only marginally more money to buy new and we encourage customers to follow that path when it makes sense. Even when we are not selling the new part. Why, because it is the best solution to the problem.

However, price is only one factor. When delivery of a new part is months away due to availability, or the manufacturer no longer offers it fixing what you have, regardless of the higher price may be the right answer.

Do you offer quotes?

Yes, we can give a quote on many items based on what the symptoms are or what we can determine by initial inspection. Once we dismantle and do a thorough inspection we can provide a more accurate quote. If we provide an initial quote and find more wear or damage during the full inspection we stop work and update the quote. We contact the customer and the customer can approve the additional work or abort. In most cases there is no charge at that point. Simply pick up the part. We understand and support your decision.

How long do repairs take?

A popular frequently asked question is how long does a repair take. Generally a standard repack takes between 3 and 5 days. Faster turn is available in most cases, ask us for more information if you need it faster. More complex repairs take longer and repair time is largely dependent on material availability.

What payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and cash. Businesses with establish accounts can use credit card, cash, or check. Larger accounts such as industrial and fleets that have frequent repairs can establish 30 day accounts.

Do you offer custom design fabrication Services?

Yes, for custom fabrication and hydraulic sales and services in MA, give us a call today. We can assist with a custom build or modification. We would be happy to speak with you and see if we can help. Just give us a call.

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