Industrial Pump and Motor Rebuild Service

Today manufactures don’t build every part on a piece of equipment. So they buy components from the global marketplace. When breakdowns occur, it can be difficult to get items repaired or replaced. Availability of a new motor or pump can be months away. Sending a component out to a factory repair center can also be a lengthy process. When machines run 2 or 3 shifts a day, that’s a lot of lost production.

T&T Weber Hydraulic can repair many types of industrial motors and pumps. Repairs vary from resealing to complete rebuilds. We assisted many manufactures with getting equipment up and running much faster than waiting for alternative paths. So, keep us in mind when you have a breakdown, we may be able to help you get back into production. Below are some examples of motors we have repaired:

This particular image is of a Kawasaki High Torque, 5 piston motor from an injection molding machine. A new motor was months away and this machine ran several shifts 5 days a week. Parts were not readily available. Our customer was able to purchase a used motor in good shape but the models were not the same. We were able to identify the changes needed to make old case accept the donor parts. It required precision machining of the case to accept the new shaft, bearings, pistons, etc. From start to finish this took a few weeks but much better than the alternative, less money and that motor has now been running for nearly a year as of this writing.

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