Split Barrel Repair

As a hydraulic repair shop, we see a wide variety of hydraulic components from all types of equipment. Not to mention a wide assortment of failure types. The cylinder barrel in the image is from an excavator. Notice the split that runs more than halfway down the barrel. Cracked barrels are not uncommon. Usually, a crack forms near the ports and gain attention by dramatically spraying oil about.  Split barrels on the other hand are not as common but as evidenced in the image below it sometimes happens, and it is catastrophic.

The options are buying factory new, used, aftermarket, or repair. Factory new is usually expensive and there may be a lead time to consider. Used can be a good option if you can find one in good shape. Aftermarket/off the shelf cylinders are usually not a perfect fit. Replacing the barrel and refurbishing the rest of the components is a good option in terms of price and lead time and it’s sure to fit.

The good news is often a damaged barrel can be repaired quicker and for less than purchasing a new cylinder. The image below shows a cylinder barrel that has been replaced with a new one and the cylinder brought back to factory condition. 

The process begins with disassembly and then carefully removing the ports and end cap weld. The new barrel is carefully machined to replicate the old barrel and the parts are then welded with multiple passes to ensure strength and prevent leaks. All new seals and good paint job and the cylinder is ready to go back in service. No matter how damaged the cylinder might be our experienced technicians can bring it back to life. Give us a call if you have question about a repair. Send us pictures or bring it by for a free estimate.

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